The finest alpaca straight from La Sierra
La Granni is a London-based unisex alpaca knitwear brand, specialising in colour-centric pieces made of the finest Peruvian fibres.

Alpaca yarn is one of the world’s most durable and luxury fibres, it was said the Incas used to call it the ‘Fibre of the Gods’ and its application to clothing has remained relatively traditional until recent years. La Granni provides gender neutral, bold alpaca pieces that are made for all whilst still maintaining the heritage which is deeply rooted in Peruvian craftsmanship and the alpaca production process.

Isabella Michell, La Granni’s founder, was born and raised in Peru until she moved to England at 10 years old. Having been around alpaca yarn throughout her life, with regular trips to La Sierra, she fell in love with this multi-faceted fibre. Its application was predominantly traditional, Isabella wanted to explore, and express, this fibre in a way that would be more appealing to herself and her generational style. La Granni aims to provide long-lasting, modern alpaca pieces for all.  

We are currently taking part in the following ethical and sustainable practices. As a small independent brand, we aim to keep on expanding these as we grow.  
- Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified pieces, our entire supply chain is verified. 
- We are certified by the Fair-Trade Peru in Good Practices (FTPGP), our manufacturers comply with criteria ranging from good working conditions for all workers to environmental responsibility and good trade practices.
- All our products meet the Organic Content Standard (OCS), which verifies that our products have met organic standards throughout it’s journey, from raw material to finished products. 
- 100% recyclable, compostable and plastic free packaging boxes, made using FSC certified board.
- Providing seasonless pieces made of resistant, high-quality yarn enables us to contribute towards slow fashion.